Q: I’m as beginner as beginner gets and don’t think I’ll be able to keep up. Can I still join? 

A: Absolutely! This is designed for beginners so you’ll fit right in with everyone. Your plan will be adjusted as necessary along the way to make sure you’re always being challenged but not overwhelmed. 

Q: I don’t have anyone to join with me and I don’t want to join alone. 

A: Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, I totally get it! But that’s where the most rewarding changes occur. Most people that have joined so far have joined solo. Running is a great way to meet new friends, especially when you all have a common goal. Also, I have a limit on the amount of people I’m accepting so you won’t feel intimidated by a large group and it’ll be easy to get to know everyone!

Q: Where does my registration fee go?

A: I want to make it known that I’m not doing this for a profit. All of the money collected goes back to the team in some way. My motivation for doing this is helping other people experience something that I was so fortunate to have with my first race. When I got into running, my coach volunteered his time to help me and I want to do the same. No catch. The money that I’m asking for will go toward a launch party and a midweek party, t shirts, various logistical items, and some possible raffles along the way. It all goes back to you!

Q: I already know I can’t make it to some of the runs. Can I still join?

A: Yes! As long as you’re willing to make up the workouts on your own, you can still be part of the team. The less group workouts missed, the more motivation you’ll receive from teammates though so it’s highly encouraged to make it to as many of the runs as you can. 

Q: I can’t walk for 30 minutes but I still want to join. Can I? 

A: Unfortunately I do need to have a baseline for the program and being able to walk for 30 minutes without taking breaks is a firm requirement. I’m hoping to host another team in the spring so while I can’t bring you onto the team at this time, start going for some walks now and get your endurance up! It’ll help to have a goal of making it to 30 minutes by early next year. Then we’ll talk!

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