Number 8 wasn’t great…

I spent all morning trying to decide if I should post this or not. It’s always hard to post the “not happy” blog entries and I’m really not looking for sympathy, but I decided to write this because you’re all part of my journey now. Also, I truly hope this might help someone else who is currently going through chemo. Many of you have been supporting me since the beginning and deserve to know what’s going on whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly. This one probably falls in the ugly category…

I woke up Monday morning feeling stressed and anxious about my upcoming chemo treatment. Anxiety isn’t something I’ve ever dealt with before and to be honest, I just don’t know how to cope with those emotions. I tried to take my mind off of my upcoming chemo treatment by enjoying my morning coffee outside while Chloe ran around the yard. I also give myself pep talks before every treatment. “It’s going to be ok, you’re almost done, you’ve made it through 7 of these already and you can do this.” Still, I spent the next 2 hours crying and I couldn’t stop. The tears just kept coming. That’s when I turned to all of you for some help and I must say, you all really know how to cheer a girl up. Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite motivational quotes with me! I even saved a bunch on my phone in case I need them for my next treatment.


I managed to pull myself together when my mom got home and we started the long car ride to the hospital. We got there and after hearing that my oncologist was already running about an hour behind schedule, my mom convinced me to get outside and try to walk off some of my anxiety. After we had a good walk, I realized I was really thirsty since I only had coffee to drink and probably cried out most of my fluids that morning. I bought a water and a gatorade from the hospital cafe and immediately chugged the water. I got about 4-5 sips into my gatorade when I started to feel really sick. It was the anticipatory nausea making an appearance. I can usually hold it together, but this time I just couldn’t. Minutes before being called in for chemo, I got sick. They rushed me into my chemo room and hooked up my IV. The nurses always flush my IV with saline and it has a distinct “taste,” or smell as they say. I immediately got sick again when they did this and all I could think was, “Really? I’m getting sick BEFORE I even get chemo?” What I wasn’t thinking was that I now had no more fluid in me. All the water I just made myself drink was out of my system, just like that. Chemo is really dehydrating by itself and I was already way behind the curve with my fluid intake for the day. I didn’t eat or drink anything for the rest of the night after treatment.

Tuesday I woke up with a killer migraine. Every time I’d wake up from a nap, I would take a couple of ibuprofen and try to go back to sleep. It helped a little, but I was so uncomfortable and felt so bad. I got through the day, but when I woke up Wednesday, the pain was unmanageable. I’ve had migraines before, but this was by far the worst one I’ve ever had and the ibuprofen wasn’t helping at all. My mom got on the phone with my doctors and they quickly came to the conclusion that I was severely dehydrated. They said I needed to get IV therapy and they wanted me to do it that night. The problem was, I live so far away from the hospital that I wouldn’t get there in time for them to treat me before they closed. The other option I had was to go to the ER, but I already know they take hours to treat non-life threatening issues and I felt so miserable that I just wasn’t up to it. I promised my mom I would drink a lot so I could get out of going to the ER. I can’t even tell you how much I drank that night, but I always had a full glass next to my bed thanks to my amazing mom and, as promised, it would never last long. We were sure that this would help, but when I woke up on Thursday, I was in so much pain once again. I knew then that I couldn’t fix this on my own so I finally caved in and went to get IV fluids. They gave me two bags of fluid and I was finally able to think clearly again. I’m still dealing with a mild headache that’s been pretty constant since, but it’s so much more manageable than the migraines I had the past few days.

Every chemo treatment has been so different than the last and each time a new curve ball gets thrown my way. I’ll do a few things differently for my next treatment. I’m going to make sure I drink plenty of water the day before and morning of my treatment and I’ll probably also go in for IV therapy the next day as a preventative measure.

I know this is already a really long post, but I have to say one more thing. I checked my inbox today and saw messages from complete strangers who were asking if I was ok since I had not yet posted my countdown picture. It’s so incredible to me that people I don’t even know are following my story so closely that they can tell when something is wrong. I can feel the love and I appreciate all of you.


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71 thoughts on “Number 8 wasn’t great…

  1. so sorry you have to go through this Crystal. you have a lot of support from family and friends. sending prayers your way and you will beat this


  2. Wow.. we all take things for granted and never realize what others go through. I clicked to follow you at the first paragraph. Hope your doing ok.


  3. One thing has helped me through bad times is: I take the bad energy and put into something positive. Like Cleaning or Reading, etc. I hope this helps you. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers.


  4. There’s an old Swedish proverb that says it all: A joy shared is a joy doubled. A sorrow(or trouble)shared is a sorrow (or trouble)halved. So don’ t ever hesitate to share the good and the bad with all your friends and followers. Letting us know how you are feeling let’s all of us send you our hope, prayers, love and support. You have an army of folks who are rooting for you, so let us share your burdens. You are a true champion.


  5. Hang in there Crystal. It is already October before you know it you will be back here in Hampton Roads telling us about the weather. You got this. Thank you for sharing your experience.


  6. We watched you on the weekends on TV-13 Hampton Roads and heard that you were going through chemo. Your blog site was posted today on the show and I immediately came to your site.
    You are an amazing young lady and we are all praying for your recovery! Stay strong (even during the bad and ugly) and may God Bless You!
    Sean and Sue Moyock, NC


  7. Dear Crystal, here Maria from Laramie WY, the crazy lady that wanted to fix you up with her son. I am so glad to hear from you. I was getting really worried about how you might be doing. This illness is such a difficult challenge no matter what, but you are so brave and positive, that makes things a little better. I just read an article on Facebook a few days ago about a lady that moved to Mexico to have an all natural treatment. I guess her diagnose was really bad, so she was eager to try anything for her little girl. Today she is doing great and one year past the time the doctors had given her. Maybe you could find her and find out if you could do something like that from here. They don’t give her full name but the place she went is Hope 4 Cancer Institute . Go to my timeline in Facebook and you would find that story, they call her Erin. There are so many natural remedies that maybe we all should use them as prevention, because you never know. Ok Sweetie I don’t want to tired you, take care and trust in God because you have so much love and so many people praying for you, I am sure you’ll be better soon. Love, Maria Stickley


  8. Hi Crystal ! I’m a New Yorker too and a part-time resident of Virginia Beach where our family watches you on TV – in Hampton Roads VA…….You’re our favorite meteorologist and we miss you and we are looking forward to your return….Also, we’re running the Women’s 5K Classic Race in Allentown, PA on Saturday – October 7, 2017 for you ! – We ordered an ‘honor marker’ in your name ….. all Honor Markers are placed on the 5K course for all runners to see as they run by ! Everyone will be sending you ENERGY as they are running the 5K course……! The power of healing is dynamic when groups engage in sending out positive thoughts to others …. We also admire your spirit and great talents and skills ! You are an inspiration to everyone ….. ‘Rock On’ Crystal ! ….We’re sending heart-felt blessings to you !……
    ….With care – Fay (Kern) Kennedy 212-924-4239


  9. You are an inspirational to all. When I see the commercial with 13 news people on the boardwalk riding in the beautiful cars, it brings a smile to my face. Thank you for that ! Your courage is exemplary, let the tears out….sometimes that releases stress an anxiety. Keep your chin up and smile each day. Big hugs !!


  10. Crystal, I’m sorry to hear about the migraine. I’ve suffered with them all of my life. They used to be bad quite often when I was younger, but now that i’m post-menopausal, I only get them when the weather does a drastic change and often I get ocular migraines instead. I cannot even imagine how difficult it has been for you having a migraine on top of the chemo, stress, and all. You have my heartfelt sympathy! No matter how hard it’s been, I see just how strong you truly are. Just hang in there as best as you can, take one moment at a time and BELIEVE! p.s. we miss you as our weather-girl on TV. Can’t wait for you to return to Hampton Roads and 13News! 🙂


  11. Crystal, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you on the news cast! I think you are a sweet heart that does not deserve this! I am not sure what God’s plan is for you and or why you were chosen to have the big “C” I wish I could take some of your treatments and your pain. I know in my heart, you are going to beat this fair and square, and you just keep up this positive attitude and cancer won’t like you😃 and he will leave your beautiful body! My husband once told me, attitude is 100% of all that heals. I hope and pray that you feel better and try a little peppermint in your water, helps me when I am sick from bad headaches.
    I hope you have a good day tomorrow, we all love you and are praying for you everyday to get better😘


  12. Hi Crystal, I saw you the first day you started on 13 News. I know I am a little late posting, but I have been praying for you and your family. I pray that you will get through the remaint treatments with ease. I hope to see an updated commercial when you come back to us.


  13. Good Morning Crystal 🌞 So sorry to see #8 wasn’t so great, but hope you’re feeling much better this morning! Sure miss seeing you in the mornings on Ch13. Your sunny disposition always helped start my day with a smile! 😃 Keep well-hydrated and yourself well and pray soon you are cancer free!! Sending prayers & hugs your way!
    ~Donny 🤗


  14. Thanks to your friends at WVEC I have just “discovered” your blog. After reading just one of your blogs I have come to the realization that you are an example we all need. Your courage and strength are an inspiration to everyone. I am not in the same situation that you are but I am saving your blog. I know that when I have a dark day no matter what the cause, I have an example from which I can draw strength and motivation. From my heart I say thank you for sharing your life with us.


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