I’m bald!

Here it is… my never before seen scalp!

Seriously, nobody has ever seen it before, not even when I was a baby! I was born with a full head of hair and have had long hair most of my life so I’m ready for the drastic change. I’m just hoping I don’t have a funny shaped head!

I pieced together a video from my head shaving “party” with my family and yes, I finally show off my bald head in the vid:




61 thoughts on “I’m bald!

  1. Woman you are such a bad ass and you pulled off that ultimate summer cut like no one else. Keep shining beautiful girl. (Not that you could stop doing that anyway even if you tried.) 🙂


  2. Crystal, I just ran across your blog. My 20 year old son also has Hodgkins Lymphoma, stage 3b. Your story is so familiar. He was diagnosed in March and started chemo early April at John’s Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore MD. He had a 21 day schedule with chemo on days 1-2-3 & 8, 5 rounds. He just had his last day of chemo this past Wednesday, July 5th. So proud of him (and you). Unfortunately 2 hours after his last chemo, he developed a fever and has been in the hospital since. Hopefully his ANC count will start to rise soon and we can go home. My advise to you is let your parents help you, you don’t have to do it alone. This is as devistating to them as it is to you. We have been to every Dr appt, tests and chemo. We will be there for the radiation that starts in August. He tells me every day, thank you for helping me. Good luck to you, remember this is curable.
    On a side note, my son told me today that he will be getting involved with the different charities that help families when he has recovered. The support from various charities, from helping defray the cost of sperm banking, to providing food for families, to housing so we don’t have to make a 2+ hour drive to get to Baltimore. So very proud of him!


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