I’m almost done.

Today I’ll be going in for treatment number 11 and for the first time ever, I feel ok about going to chemo. I only have two treatments left and because the finish line finally feels like it’s in sight, I’m ready to power through them. The faster we can get chemo started today, the faster I can say that I only have ONE TO GO.

Normally the mornings before treatment come with a lot of anxiety, nervousness, and butterflies in my stomach. As stupid as it sounds, there have been many times that I’ve wished I would get really sick so that I wouldn’t have to go through chemo that week.  The one time I actually had a shot at getting out of chemo was when my medi-port wasn’t working correctly. The nurses tried everything to get the blockage in my port cleared and they finally said they were out of options. I secretly was ecstatic. Just when I thought I was home free, they got the “ok” from my doctor to administer my chemo drugs through an IV in my arm. I was devastated at the time, but today I’m thankful for my persistent nurses.

I did have to postpone other treatments on two separate occasions though. After my 4th and 9th treatment, I was at a place both mentally and physically, where I felt like my body just couldn’t handle anymore. My doctor and I both decided that it’s best to push each of those treatments back a week. That means that had all of my treatments gone as scheduled, I’d be on my very last treatment today. As nice as that would be, I don’t regret how any of it happened. I remind people all the time now that we need to be better about listening to our bodies and that’s exactly what I was doing.

I’m ready to walk into my treatment center and tackle number 11. I hope it goes better than my last few have gone and I’m staying optimistic about it. The mental aspect of all of this is sometimes the hardest to deal with, but today I feel like I have it under control.

I’ll post another update when I can, but for now, it’s time to go kill some cancer!


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30 thoughts on “I’m almost done.

  1. That’s great that you’re almost done! PTL! You made it so far. I had 26 chemo treatment s & 33 radiation treatments! Finished in March & like you I had a couple of setbacks, but I made it! You can too! Just keep claiming your healing everyday to the Lord!!


  2. Hugs Crystal. You have this. I saw a quote today that says:
    Remain positive, your mind is the strongest drug available and has the ability to cure!



  3. The final rounds and you are still standing Champ! I’m so glad you have turned the corner on these treatments and ALMOST looking forward to them. That atttitude will do wonders for you, Cancer Sucks and Crystal ROCKS!


  4. Hang in there Crystal. You are nearly done and we pray that all will go well for you today and for your last treatment.


  5. So glad you are nearing the end of your treatments and are feeling so positive. You have found out how truly strong you are and also how well-loved you are. Hoping you will have fewer after effects this time around. Keep on taking good care of yourself– you’ve found out how important that is.


  6. Hi Crystal…..We’re all thinking of you here in Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach…..I’m actually a New Yorker but live in Virginia Beach for part of the year…..Also want you to know that I (and some friends) ran the 2017 5K Run (Women’s 5K Classic) in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 7, 2017 …. We picked up a Silver Goody Bag and Running Shirt for you as well as an Energy Marker which was placed on the running course……This annual running event supports cancer research and I look forward to participating every year…..Also, based on your Blog, it seems that your treatments are going well….also we know that you are receiving all our healing thoughts and prayers to recover and will soon return to your Channel 13 News-Now work-life…. This will be great since you are our favorite meteorologist……..Let me know how I can get the 5K Women’s Classic Goody Bag to you and I will follow up…….You can call me or send an email and I will respond……..Fay Kennedy 757-963-5403 or 212-924-4239…….
    email: faykennedylibrarian@yahoo.com.


  7. Crystal….I am so happy that you are almost through. Please know that I will be praying for you as will so many others as is evidenced by your caring followers. My God richly bless you and keep his healing hands on you. Hugs and prayers. Trudy Rains


  8. Can’t wait too see you back on the air. So proud of you for taking the time to share what you have been going through. You are an inspiration.


  9. Crystal, I think you are amazing. You don’t realize it but you are a source of strength and hope for everyone who knows you. You are strong, brave, vulnerable, honest, open, and very much loved by all who know you. Sharing your journey was the bravest and most wonderful decision. You are in our whole family’s prayers . We celebrate each step tountake and each victory and we are right beside you as you approach the finish line. This is a “race” you have battled hard to win. Even in your honesty you don’t go to the details of how you survive the first week after your treatment. We can only guess at just how
    Much you suffer and just how
    Much gumption it takes to keep taking those steps forward. But you have and you continue to head toward a future bright with promise because you have not given up. Love you Crystal
    And may each day bring you greater health and happiness and may be future hold every dream in your heart.


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