I have a lot to be thankful for

First let me say that I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving yet! My family decided not to celebrate thanksgiving this year, which I’m a little bummed out about. This would’ve been the first Thanksgiving with them in 8 years which I was looking forward to! It did, however, make me realize that I don’t need a day to remind me how thankful I am for the things in my life.

One of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving is go around the table and hear what everyone is thankful for. Since I won’t be doing that this year, I decided to share with all of you instead! Here goes:

First Responders: Over the last 7 years, my career has always resulted in me not being able to spend time with family on Thanksgiving so I know how hard that can be, but what I don’t know is how hard that is while risking your life saving others. So a big thanks to all of our deployed military members, police officers, paramedics, firefighters… I could go on and on but you get the idea 🙂

My family- They’ve been through a lot right alongside me and this would’ve been so much harder to go through this without them.

My job- I work for some amazing bosses (how many people can say that?!) and I have some great coworkers who genuinely care. I’m beyond grateful for everything they’ve done for me!

My doctors- I’m thankful that because of modern medicine, my doctors are confident that I’ll be cured from my cancer. Not everyone battling this disease has the luxury of knowing that and I’m so lucky in a lot of ways.

My friends- I could write an entire post on how great my friends have been through this, especially the ones who have been by my side from the beginning. They know who they are!

My dog- I couldn’t ask for a better little companion through all of this! I swear she knows when I’m not feeling well because she gives me extra cuddles and won’t leave my side.

and most of all…

ALL OF YOU! If you’re reading this, I’m so thankful for you. You have all given me more support through this than I ever would’ve imagined and you’ve helped to make the worst months of my life just a little more pleasant. There have been times that I’ve had bad days and you all help so much. For example, there was a time I asked for inspirational quotes to help get me through a tough treatment and over 100 of you wrote to me telling me your favorites. I’m constantly flooded with so much love from all of you and it has brought me to tears (happy tears!) on more than one occasion. It’s crazy to think about because I’m so new to broadcast meteorology. After only spending a year in Cheyenne (where my first TV job was), I still have so many people from there who wish me well on a regular basis! Then I moved to Hampton Roads and didn’t even make it to the one year mark, but the amount of love I receive from everyone makes it feel like I’ve been in this business for 10 years! You all make Virginia feel like home to me and I can’t wait to get back and hopefully have the chance to meet many of you. There aren’t words in the dictionary to describe how lucky I am, so I’m just going to end this with a simple “thank you.”


I’d love to know what you’re all thankful for! Please leave a comment and let me know!


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30 thoughts on “I have a lot to be thankful for

  1. So glad you are doing well! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

    I’m so thankful for God and my salvation. He brought me out of a very dark place and I’m so thankful for His love and mercy!

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  2. May you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving. You have been an inspiration to hundreds and have provided them with hope and the belief a better day is ahead. As you finish with the last one may your future be bright and may your every wish be granted. God bless you and your family as they have endured these most pressing times. More this holiday season be the brightest and most rewarding you have ever had.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Crystal! Continue keeping your head up. Prayers everyday for you and all your family. I’m thankful for my family and for knowing you through your posts. You show all of us that at mountain can be climbed with grace! Love from my heart to yours!


  4. Happy THanksgiving to you and your family glad you are ok ill have turkey for you 😂 cant wait until you are back on air .Awhile ago i asked your mom invited you and her to lunch or dinner when you come home and feel ok she said she check schedule well again happy thanksgiving 💘


  5. For you Crystal. You helped me survive a pretty intense heart attack (last Saturday) by reminding all of us to listen to our bodies. I got to the hospital BEFORE the attack happened and now I’m alive to tell about it


  6. I am thankful to awake each morning to know I have a chance to make it a better day than yesterday. I too like you Crystal, am thankful for my family who saw me through my cancer 5 years ago. Thankful you are doing so well and will be coming back to Virginia soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you.


  7. Continue on your courageous journey. I pray daily for your recovery. Hope some day to meet you FTF and give you a hug. Your ardent admirer from the Shore. Roy

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  8. I’m so thankful for you Crystal and your messages through your rough times as well as better times. Your positive outlook has been an inspiration for all of us! May God bless you!!!!


  9. Your courage continues to amaze me.Best wishes as you go through the last chemo treatment.I am looking forward to seeing you give weather reports soon.


  10. Thankful for being cancer free and my beautiful family. Also for me getting to hear you on your journey back. So happy for you and still sending prayers. Love you and hurry back. Need to see your beautiful smile on my tv.❤️


  11. I’m a 2 year stomach cancer survivor and thankful for my wife and caregiver. Family and friends are so important in our journeys. Prayers sent for Courage, Strength and Healing.
    Warrior Strong!!


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Crystal!! I have many many things that I’m thankful for, but one of my top on the list is following your journey. You are such an inspiration to so many including me. I have several family and friends dealing with cancer or other hardships. Seeing someone as young as you standing so strong and letting us follow your journey just warms my heart.
    Many blessings to you and your family.


  13. Crystal so happy that you are almost finished with your treatments. I continue to pray for you daily. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends and we will see you soon back at work


  14. I am thankful for my family everyday! They went through cancer with me the Past 12 months and never complain. I am thankful for the Doctors, nurses, and my Social Worker Amanda. They were there every day and encouraged me to go on when I really didn’t think I could. And yes…I finally rang the bell and have now scheduled to have my Chemo port removed! I am ready to put this part of my journey behind me and move on. Life is good and I still pray for you everyday Chrystal.


  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I still continue to pray for your complete healing . Looking forward to seeing you on wvec again very soon! God bless you!🙏🙏🙏


  16. Thanks Crystal! I hope your Thanksgiving was great, with lots of blessings! I am thankful for so many things, but most of all, for having my son back from South Korea and for his devotion to the Army and his great love for this amazing nation!


  17. I have followed you since the beginning of your diagnosis Crystal. Your courage in sharing your emotions, feelings, happy days and sad days has truly been an inspiration. You have taken many of us on this journey with you and we are keeping you in our thoughts and our prayers. I continue to pray that you will remain strong, joyful and at peace as you look towards each new day! May God continue to bless you Crystal!


  18. I am grateful for family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you back in Hampton Roads soon. I am sorry your family chose not to celebrate this year, but it is a lot of work and you all have had a lot on your plates.


  19. Crystal I’m so happy for you excited you will be back with us soon. What a journey you have had but there is light👍 Crystal I’m thankful for everyday I have and for my family❤️ and of course my sweet fur babies.


  20. Hey Crystal. Glad to see that you are almost done with your treatments. Good luck with number 12 and keep fighting the good fight.


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